About Me

I hold a Master of Arts degree in psychology from Antioch University in Seattle. In addition to private practice, my work as a therapist since 2003 includes community mental health, serving a diverse group of adults suffering from a variety of conditions, and an agency specializing in the treatment of adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

My philosophical belief in the value of therapy holds that as we make contact with the unfolding here-and-now experience in the therapeutic space, significant understanding and healing can occur and move one towards a greater sense of authenticity and aliveness.

My theoretical bias is primarily existential and body-centered. I am influenced by aspects of mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychosynthesis, and Gestalt techniques, and am very interested in how early childhood experience and attachment informs the present. I believe that the body is a powerful container in how it holds and manifests past experience and is a critical tool for exploration and healing.

My role as therapist includes witness, mirror, and sometimes guide and teacher. Primarily, however, my focus is client-centered—I believe that you are the expert on your internal experience—and my first responsibility is to hold the space and collaborate with you.